Assembly of gears and drives

ArmaSys is your specialist in the assembly of bevel gears, worm gears and spur gears, as well as for pneumatic, electric or hydraulic drives with products of your choice.

We also retrofit the following as the customer wishes:

  • Spindle extension
  • Switching shaft extension
  • Installation kit with floor pedestal or street cap
  • Collecting basin implementation
  • Sprocket and other actuation options

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Conversion and modification

We convert and modify the following according to your specifications:

  • Relief cone
  • Throttling valve plug
  • Cone with PTFE sealing ring
  • Locking option
  • Insulating attachment
  • Indicator or limit switch
  • Bypass
  • Gate valve head relief
  • Sealing water connection
  • Heating jacket
  • Special packaging and seals
  • Special adaptation of the valve connections
  • Surface protection

Maintenance service in the place of operation

Our expert employees identify and rectify cases of damage directly on site.

Pressure gauge calibration

The requirements for measuring and testing equipment are constantly increasing owing to the growing number of quality management standards. Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9000 requires regular calibration, for example, because reproducible measurements and therefore product quality are only provided by traceability to national standards.

Steam trap inspection

during the first inspection, the failure rate for defective traps is up to 25 percent. With a recurring inspection carried out at least once a year, this failure rate can be reduced to around 5 percent. Your benefit: you reduce operating costs.



Do you need expert advice on our products or are you missing a product? Do not hesitate to contact our competent sales force. We will work out the optimal solution for your process or project together.

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